If you have large breasts, it can be hard to get a comfortable sports bra with great support.

Women with bigger bust sizes need comfortable support with little or no bouncing. Stretchy bras can "sort-of fit", but provide poor support. Some sports bras for the well-endowed athlete make it hard to breathe, have thick material, or chafe sensitive skin.

Recently, a new sports bra has come on the market that was designed by a female athlete to provide great support (no bounce!), comfort and coolness to the large breast size athlete. Check out her story here.

When the Lynx Sports Bra hit the market, runners raved about it and Runners' World selected Lynx Sports Bra a "Top Pick."

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How to Measure

In order to get a good fit, you need to take your measurements and wear a bra that is specially designed to support your large breast size.

You will need to take two measurements to determine your size.  While wearing a regular bra (not a sports bra), wrap a tape measure around your ribcage in approximately the same place as the band of a sports bra sits. With your arms at your sides, take a deep breath in and then exhale, taking the ribcage measurement when you have completely exhaled. 
Next, wrap the tape measure around your bust at its fullest point.  With your arms at your sides, breathe normally and take your full bust measurement.

Click here for a video which shows how to measure.

An example of a sports bra specifically made to support large breast sizes is the Lynx Sports Bra.  Designed to give great support for women with large cup sizes, the Lynx Sports Bra is very popular with women who want comfortable, no-bounce support for running, jumping, dancing, equestrian sports, volleyball, basketball and more. The Lynx Sports Bra was selected by Runner's World Magazine as a Best Sports Bra for women with large breasts.

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